3 Benefits of Barncats

It's probably pretty obvious what benefits a barn gives stray and community cats who need shelter and safety. But the reverse is also true. Barncats can also be beneficial to the barn, garage or rural warehouse ecosystem that houses them, for three main reasons.

1. Got mice?

If disease-carrying mice and rats have made their home in your barn, you know how dangerous they can be for livestock and humans living and working nearby. Barncats are nature's brand of pest control. These feral or semi-feral outdoor cats will make it their mission on earth to track down and destroy rodents. Over time, you might even see a decline in rodent populations from the source...meaning that they learn to heed your silent warning "Beware of Cat" and stay away for good.

2. Got bugs?

Perhaps less lethal but nonetheless bothersome, bugs in your barn can distract and hurt livestock and humans. Plus, insects too - like rats and mice - are competition for food stocks. A barncat or two make fantastic bug catchers. They hunt and even kill the bugs that bite, and the bugs that infest or steal livestock feed.

3. Got bills?

If you've been tempted to rescue stray cats for your barn, warehouse or garage but have been worried about the cost, worry no more. Barncats often pay for themselves or even save you money by keeping rodents and bugs away from livestock and food. You might see a drop in operational expenses because your animals and equipment are pest-free. Additionally, barncats require minimal maintenance besides food, water and access to dry, warm spaces during winter months. It can be a win-win!

Got barncats?

If you have a rural space in or near northern New Jersey, we're rescuing barncats for you! Contact us:

973-324-7925 ext 2 (Hablamos Español, ext 0) or barncats@njstrays.org

You can also alert NJ STRAYS if you have an at-risk stray cat population near you.

Not ready to volunteer your space? Sponsor a barncat for another safe haven. Thank you!


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