We've Got BIG Plans for 2018

It's our sixth year here at NJ STRAYS, and we couldn't be more excited about how we'll be furthering our mission to reduce shelter intake in North Jersey!

Join our animal rescue team of volunteers.

A lot of people ask us: Exactly what do you do?

It's a fair question. We're not an animal shelter or an animal rescue. We don't have a building to house pets and we don't relocate animals from dire straits into New Jersey. Instead, NJ STRAYS focuses on three key initiatives to help relieve the burden that no-kill animal shelters find themselves with: too many dogs and cats, not enough space.

  1. We recover lost and missing pets through our project Lost and Found Pets of North Jersey. This involves running a hotline and awareness network, tracking and trapping animals, and providing information and awareness to our local communities. To prevent further loss, we organize free and low-cost microchip clinics for pet owners.

  2. We relocate stray cats through our project Barn Cat Relocation. Primarily, this helps relieve neighborhoods from dealing with large stray cat populations. It's better for human neighbors, and the cats enjoy the freedom to roam - along with the tender loving care they need - in a rural sanctuary.

  3. We support pet owners in need through our project Owner Surrender Prevention. It's not hard to find yourself drowning in pet care and medical bills. We help owners keep or adopt out their pets so that the animals never enter the shelter system.

In short, we love animals and we want to help other animal lovers!

With that said, here is a list of our goals for 2018:

  1. Organize and operate four free and four low-cost (eight total) microchip clinics, resulting in the microchipping of 800 family pets who are less likely to enter the shelter system if lost or stolen

  2. Recover 100 lost or missing pets via consultation, search and rescue efforts, and trapping

  3. Reunite 300 pets with their owners via our hotline and social media lost pet awareness network

  4. Relocate 200 local feral cats to sanctuaries

  5. Spay/neuter 100 cats to prevent increases in the stray cat population

  6. Assist 100 families to avoid shelter surrender (vet care, food, training, temporary boarding and adoption)

When we're successful in 2018, we'll have helped more than a 1,000 pets and 1,000 families in North Jersey keep the pets they love off the streets and out of overpopulated animal shelters!

We can't do it alone. Please check out How You Can Help to find out what needs doing so that NJ STRAYS and our community partners can continue to reduce shelter intake in Northern New Jersey.

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