Hashi was reported missing on 4/26. After giving our best advice to the owners, the search began. Just a few hours later, we called animal control and they told us that Hashi had been found, but that he was at the vet; he was hit by a car.

The vet recommended a 24-hour service and Hashi was transferred to a second animal hospital. The vet performed every test to make sure he was ok, and decided to keep him for a few days. The only major injury was his right eye; it was removed. The total of his bill was $9,300.


We know Hashi was chased down the street, he was running scared, but after investigating and searching the location where he was found, we concluded he was hit somewhere else. We used the distance, his possible travel patterns and the time; it is very difficult to believe that he got to this particular location in such a short period of time. Our theory: he was picked up at one point.


WHAT SHOULD A FAMILY OF FOUR WITH ONLY ONE INCOME DO IN A CASE LIKE THIS? The only solution was to euthanize Hashi or surrender him to a shelter. They could not afford a bill like this, they were crying, devastated…

It is easy to judge people and say, “pets are family”, but it’s not as easy for everyone to deal with a situation like this. No one is prepared to have an almost $10,000 expense.

We spoke to the family and decided to help raise the money… we are still doing it!

Hashi’s case proves that NOT ALL FAMILIES WANT TO SURRENDER THEIR PETS, but there are not a lot of options out there. Families are afraid to ask for help because all they see and receive is judgment.


Hashi is doing great!! His family is taking care of him and happy of receiving help and support, they do not feel alone!

THIS IS OUR FIRST BIG CASE OF OWNER SURRENDER PREVENTION. We still have a lot to accomplish. Please continue donating to Hashi.

Thank you,

The Lost and Found of North Jersey and Owner Surrender Prevention Team


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