Pet Food Assistance Request

NJ STRAYS Pet Pantry provides temporary assistance to pet owners and families struggling to feed their pets during times of hardship. Our program is only available in the North Jersey area, and it is limited to indoor pets only. Please understand that all pet food and supplies are donated to our organization and may not be the current brand you use.

Restrictions: pet food recipients cannot add/adopt/rescue any additional animals while receiving assistance. All pets must be spayed and or neutered and microchipped within three months of being accepted into the program. NJ STRAYS will provide further assistance with the sterilization and microchipping.

Keep in mind that the submission of this request does not guarantee approval. You will receive an email or phone call with the status of your request. NJ STRAYS reserves the right to deny service to anyone under any circumstances or make exceptions based on individual needs.

Bulk donations of cat litter and cat food to outdoor cat caretakers are handled on a limited basis and upon supply availability. If you are a colony caretaker, please do not continue with this request. Please send us your information via email, and we will add you to our private donation event list.

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