Come Fly Away


NJ STRAYS is teaming up with iFLY for a fun-filled flight simulation experience. If you've ever wanted to skydive, now's your chance to try it AND help our pet rescue cause!

6/13, 6:30 to 9 pm

$80 per person










Book 6/13

Note: iFLY Flight Restrictions: Under 6' Tall - 260lbs. MAX | Over 6' Tall - 300lbs MAX - No medical history of heart, neck or back problems - No History of Shoulder Dislocations - Flyers Must be 3 years old and above - Women that are pregnant or think they are pregnant should not fly - Anyone deemed too intoxicated by flight instructors will not be permitted to fly - Anyone who is wearing a hard cast/boot of any sort will not be permitted to fly.