Nothing Changes


Nothing Changes

There Are Many Ways You Can Help Our North Jersey Animal Rescue Charity

Hay muchas formas en la que usted puede colaborar y aportar a nuestra organización sin ánimo de lucro.

This is what you can do to help animals RIGHT NOW:

When you donate to NJ Strays, your tax deductible contribution goes directly toward supporting our mission to reduce shelter intake in Northern New Jersey. Even donating $5 can help save a life. You can make your contribution recur monthly through PayPal.

But there are many other ways to help: spread the word about our animal rescue charity by connecting with us on social media and telling your friends and family all about what we do. That stuff is FREE and easy. 

This is what you can do to help WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT:

While you can donate to our animal charity or connect with us any time, some things are best kept in mind for later. We understand life can be busy.

Just don't forget about us: we're helping Hudson, Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union, Morris, Warren and Sussex counties in Northern New Jersey rescue lost dogs and cats, understand the cause of No-Kill, make smart pet adoption choices, and control the stray pet population.

This is how you can help WHEN IT'S TIME TO ADOPT:

  • Contact us to book a consultation with a dog behaviorist to assess the dog/human dynamic in your home and ensure a good match

  • Adopt locally from your local animal shelter or pound

  • Consider your lifestyle and financial situation before you commit to adopting a pet

  • Remember that, should pet parenting become difficult, NJ STRAYS offers help - contact us for support before surrendering your dog or cat to a shelter

Before you adopt a dog or cat, you want make sure that pet parenting is right for you and your family. Consider whether or not you have the time, space and money to give a dog or cat a wonderful home. A dog behaviorist from NJ STRAYS can help you assess whether or not a dog you've just seen at the local shelter is right for you...and whether or not you are right for it.

And speaking of local, choose an animal shelter or pound near you to save money on transportation costs, and to benefit your own community. When you adopt from a shelter nearby, you become part of the solution to the homeless pet problem in your neighborhood.