Cat Relocation Request

NJ STRAYS Barn and Outdoor Cat Relocation service is an alternative for cats (friendly and semi-friendly) that are homeless and in dangerous situations, as well as for non-adoptable feral cats. Relocation is the last resort for a cat and should be considered only after attempting: 1) Safe re-homing (for indoor cats) 2) Trap Neuter and Return (for outdoor cats) 3) Rescue groups (for both).

NJ STRAYS supports all Trap Neuter and Return initiatives and Community Cat Programs where cats are considered part of the community. If you need assistance with stray cats in your neighborhood, please contact one of our partner TNR groups.


The Barn and Outdoor cat Adoption Project only relocate healthy, spayed, and or neutered cats between ten months and ten years old. Our organization complies with all possible standards to achieve a successful placement; for this reason, this project only runs from April to October each year (For 2021 we will be relocating cats between June and October)



The submission of this request does not guarantee approval. The placement of cats is subject to the availability of our adopters. Once your request has been approved, NJ STRAYS will give you a date for the transfer. You will have to submit a transfer form along with the veterinary records the day prior to the transfer date. There is a fee of $25.00 per cat at the time of transfer.

Keep in mind that NJ STRAYS will be responsible for the cat(s) and the relocation process. NJ STRAYS will not disclose any information regarding the adopter or location of the cats.

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