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NJ STRAYS Reduces Animal Shelter Intake and Promotes No-Kill Practices in North Jersey

The lost and abandoned dog and cat population in New Jersey is staggering! NJ STRAYS is committed to counteracting the rise in stray pet numbers, reducing the number of pets that end up in animal shelters and pounds, reducing euthanasia of healthy pets, promoting local pet adoptions, advocating for No-Kill laws and regulations, spreading awareness across Northern New Jersey, and reuniting loving pet owners with their lost dogs and cats.


NJ STRAYS is not an animal shelter or animal rescue; but we do rescue and relocate pets in support of our mission. This means that we don't house or shelter animals; but we do help stray cats and support pet owners needing help to keep their pets safe, healthy and home. We also work with animal rescue groups to promote the adoption of homeless dogs and cats.

NJ STRAYS is a 501c3 non-profit animal charity. Hablamos Español. 

Watch our video for more information about NJ STRAYS and animal welfare in New Jersey.

  • Assist families in the recovery of missing pets

  • Support animal owners when going through difficult times

  • Promote No-Kill


NJ STRAYS reduce el número de macotas que entran a las perreras locales y apoya el moviemiento en contra de la matanza animal.
NJ STRAYS provides animal rescue in Northern New Jersey.

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NJ STRAYS is committed to the cause of animal welfare, reducing animal shelter intake, helping lost or missing dogs and cats, supporting responsible pet owners, and promoting the No-Kill animal movement.